Worldwide Ink Magazine is an online based magazine with a “Print to Buy” option that will ship straight to your front door.

Worldwide Ink will be the Official magazine covering this expo and will have a minimum of 10 ProTeam Artists in attendance. You’ll be able to find them through the “Artist” tab on this website if you’re interested in booking with any of them.

  1. Gaby Starasian from Paris, France
  2. Royale Ochoa from El Paso, TX
  3. Xzavier Varo from Dallas, TX
  4. Marc Roy from Vancouver, Canada
  5. Giorgia Mae from New York City, NY
  6. Ben Amos from Dallas, TX
  7. Stephanie Gunter from Dallas, TX
  8. Wolf Slaughter from Dallas, TX
  9. Jose Arriaga from Fort Worth, TX
  10. Drew Hill from Fort Collins, CO




Worldwide Ink Magazine


Dallas, TX